This Will Not Be Your Typical Wine Review Site. You Have Been Warned

I do not place a stigma on ‘vegetal’ or ‘brett’ as each has a place in a complex wine discussion. Over-ripeness, over-extraction, high alcohol and the issues each contribute to balance and aging will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Fruit is king, acid and balance paramount. Those who associate earthy descriptors with flawed or unpleasant wines will be disappointed on a regular basis. Wine is alive and basal and reeks of life and sex and sweat in addition to sumptuous layers of spice and fruit. Varietal-correctness and typicity will always win, and jammy concoctions designed for the tourist-trade will be left behind.

All wines receive identical treatment in the same room in the same glass at the same time nearly every day. In addition to classic producers, I am constantly looking for smaller labels which run under the radar of *usual bling suspects* on social media. Enjoy the ride. Wine is life.   Steve McConnell 

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