Spain Map/Q&As

Name the only area that Manzanilla style sherry is produced
Sanlucar de Barameda

Name the sherry soil types
Albariza - primary
Barros -clay soil
Arenas - sand

What are the 3 sub regions of Rioja?
Rioja Alta
Rioja Baja
Rioja Alavesa

Where is Vega Sicilia produced? And what is the grape?
Ribera del Duero in Spain - Tempranillo

What is the most important town in Cava?

Name the sherry cask system and the sherries it produces from lightest to sweetest
The Solera system
Palo Cortado

What are the grapes in Priorat?
Sometimes Cabernet Sauvignon

What is the main grape used to make Rueda

Name 2 grapes in Cava?

Name the level and time of aging wines in Spain
Joben - young wines, no aging
Crianza - 6mos- 1yr
Reserva aprox - 3 yrs
Gran Reserva aprox - 5 yrs

Name the grapes used in the Jerez region
Pedro Ximenez

Name the grapes of Madeira in sweetness order

What is the Tempranillo called in the Douro Valley
Tinto Roriz

Name 3 grapes in Rioja

Name the 6 quality levels of Spanish wine.
Vino de Mesa (VdM)
Vino de la Tierra (VdlT)
Vino de Calidad con Indicacion Geographica (VCIG)
Denominacion de Origen (DO)
Denominacion de Origen Calificada (DOCa)
Denominacion de Pagos (DOP)

Name 2 DOCa Regions.
Rioja and Priorat.

Define Grandes Pagos.
A single estate wine.

Name 2 red grapes and 2 white grapes of Rioja and Navarra.
Viura (Macabeo)
Other Grapes:
Graciano Mazuelo (Carinena - Carignane)
Garnacha Blanca

Name the 3 sub-zones of Rioja.
Rioja Alta
Rioja Alavesa
Rioja Baja

State the aging requirements for Rioja Joven, Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva.
Joven - Max 2 years
Crianza - Min 2 years (1 in barrel)
Reserva - Min 3 years (1 in barrel)
Gran Reserva - Min 5 years (2 in barrel)

Name the principal town of Sherry.

Name the grapes of Sherry.
Pedro Ximenez (PX)

State what is character of Albariza soil.
One of 3 soils used to produce Sherry grapes. A soil that retains water, but dries out on top and makes the roots dig down while protecting the water beneath from the heat keeping it from evaporating.

Describe the Solera system.
A fractional blending method to introduce older wine to younger wine year to year never exceeding 1/3 of a barrel.

Name the main styles of Sherry.
Fino, Manzanilla, Amantillado, Palo Cortado, Oloroso, Almancenistas, Cream Sherry.

Define Flor.
A yeast film that forms on the surface of the wine in the barrel.

Name the most important grape(s) of Priorat.

Describe the Gratalops Project.
Alvaro Palacio and other young winemakers planted on higher elevations and slopes and modernized winemaking.

Name Spain’s sparkling wine DO and the grapes.
Cava Grapes:

Name the most important grape(s) of Ribera del Duero.
Also some bordeaux varieties

Name the grape that Tinto de Toro is a synonym of

State the DO of Vega Sicilia.
Ribera del Duero

State the most important grape(s) of Rias Baixas.

What's the Spanish equivalent to AOC?

What's the Spanish equivalent to French VDQS?

What's Spanish regional wine called?
VC (Vino Comarcal)

What's the lowest category of Spanish wine called?
VdM (Vino de Mesa)

Where is Priorat located?

What is the quality level of Priorat?

What is the highest Spanish classification of quality?

What are Vinos de Pagos?
estate wines of particularly high quality.

How long do Crianza wines in Ribera Del Duero and Rioja have to be aged in oak before release?
1 year out of two years maturation before release

Name the subzones of Rioja
Alta, Alavesa, Baja

What are the aging regulations for wines labeled Crianza?
Reds must age a minimum of 2 years with at least 6 months in cask. Whites and rosados must age a minimum of 12 months with at least 6 months in cask.

What are the aging regulations for wines labeled Reserva?
Red wines must age for 3 years with a minimum 1 year in cask. Whites and rosés must age 2 years with a minimum 6 months in cask.

What are the aging regulations for wines labeled Gran Reserva?
Red wines must age for 5 years with a minimum 1.5 years in cask. Whites and rosés must age 4 years with a minimum 6 months in wood.

What is the largest demarcated wine DO in Spain?
La Mancha

What are the 3 DOCa of Spain?
Rioja      Priorat      Ribera Del Duero

DO that makes good quality reds from Monastrell.

What is Valdepenas and which varietals are used?
Valdepenas is a DO in Spain
Cencibel (Temp) for reds
Airen for whites
Roses and light reds from a mixture

Where is Montilla Moriles and what kind of wine is produced?

Montilla Moriles is located in Spain and it produces strong white wines made from PX and blended in Solera system.

How are the sweeter style wines in Montilla Moriles produced?


What usually happens to dry white wines in Montilla Moriles?
Dry white wines are attacked by Flor

What are the most highly rated wines of Navarra DO and which varietals are used in it's production?

Roses made mostly from Garnacha

Name 2 sub-districts of Navarra       
Baja Montana
Ribera Alta
Ribera Baja
Tierra Estella

What is the main white varietal of Navarra?

Where is Cava located?           

What are the 3 sub regions of Penedes?

What are the two main grapes used for production in Cava and which sub-region are they mostly grown?
Xarello and Macabeo are mostly grown in Medio-Penedes.

Where are top quality grapes grown in Priorat?
In slate soils on the slopes of the Priorat mountains.

What are the varietals used to produce Priorat red wines? (6)
Grenache, Carignan, Cab Sauv, Syrah, Merlot, and Tempranillo

What is the DO surrounding Priorat and what kind of wines are produced there?       
Montsant surrounds Priorat and uses the same blend; Grenache, Carignan, Cab Sauv, Syrah, Merlot, and Tempranillo

Where is Vega Sicilia located?
Ribera Del Duero

What are the varietals used to produce Ribera Del Duero red wines?   
Mostly Tempranillo with the rest of the blend smaller amounts of Grenache, Cab Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec

What is the name of a high quality red wine in Ribera Del Duero made from 100% Tempranillo?

Name 3 subzones of Rias Baixas       
Val do Salnes
Condado do Tea
O Rosal
Ribeira do Ulla

What are the 3 subdistricts of Rioja
Rioja Alta
Rioja Altavesa
Rioja Baja

What are the varietals used to produce white wines from Rioja?
Grenache Blanc

What is Rueda DO best known for producing?
Best white wine producing regions in Spain made from at least 50% Verejo plus Viura

What are the varietal regulations for Rueda Espumoso and Rueda Superior?
Must contain a minimum of 85% Verdejo

What is the traditional wine style of Tarragona Classico?
Tarrogona Classisco Licoroso which is a sweet red fortified wine matured in oak.

What kind of wine does Toro DO mainly produce
Dry red wines based on Garnacha and Tempranillo