Sarah Sommelier is a Free Study Guide for Those Preparing for the Court of Master Sommeliers exams, Using Carefully Curated Videos, Graphics and Information From the Most Respected Experts.

Passing the Sommelier Certified exam can be challenging, even if you attend the course. I was not able to afford the time or fee, so I built a website to teach myself in four months. This is the new-incarnation of that site, and I am taking the time and $ to share it with those who need someone in their corner. You can study alone, with your phone, anytime, anywhere.

The three portions of the Certified exam, Theory, Tasting and Service require such different skills that even seasoned restaurant, winery or hospitality staff hesitate taking the Certified, feeling satisfied by passing the Introductory, or Level 1 exam. The difference in the Introductory to the Certified is the Tasting and the Service; besides working the grid with a tasting group, I can offer “Miss Jane” Nickles technique which helped me break down the contents of the wine via the architecture of the glass, and when I tell you I was green, I did not know the difference between “Aroma” and “Bouquet”.

The service is 75% relaxed confidence, and a good International wine list to go with your “clients” orders. I wasted way too much time on the menu, so have included a couple of good ones to tuck into and pull some interesting pairings. Oh, and don’t forget to have some Vins doux naturels (VDNs) up you sleeves.

I left the Service portion in a daze, but returned with next group using breathing exercises. To quote David Glancy, “have the heart of a servant”.

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