Name the premium sake quality levels.
Junmai-Sho: 30% polished
Ginjo-Sho: 40% polished
Daiginjo-Sho: 50% polished

Define albemic.
Pot Still.

Name 2 scotch regions.
Highlands, Lowlands, and Islay.
Islay is the strongest, and generally either Islay or Highlands is the best.

Define Bourbon.
Must be made from 51% or more corn. It is distilled in a pot still making it a distilled beer. Also it must be aged for 2 years in new American oak.

What is Irish Whiskey made from and how is it distilled?
Barley and other grains – It is distilled 3 times in a pot still

What is Marc Brandy?
The liquor obtained from fermenting the skins and pips after pressing the grapes it is similar to the process of grappa

What are the styles of Sake?
Junmai – 30% polished, no added alc
Honjozo-shu 30% polished, small amt of added alc
Ginjoshu 40% polished w or w/o added alc
Daiginjo-sho 50% polished w or w/o added alc

What is the name of the yeast used in commercial Sake?
Koji, depending on the type used it can dramatically effect the flavor