France Maps/Q&As

Name some Bordeaux lookalikes in the Southwest
Bergerac (Sec, C么tes de, C么tes de Moelleux),
Buzet (C么tes de)
C么tes de Duras
C么tes du Marmandais
Montravel (C么tes de, Haut)
Monbazillac Montravel (C么tes de, Haut)

What are the Grand Cru villages of Vallee de la Marne?
A鸥 and Tours

What is the minimum abv for Cote-Rotie, St. Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage?

Mazoyeres-Chambertin is a Premier Cru or Grand Cru? In what AOC?
Grand Cru, Gevrey-Chambertin

Les Petits Epenots is a Premier Cru or Grand Cru? In what AOC?
Premier Cru, Pommard

Name 5 great Champagne vintages
1982, 1985, 1988, 1995, 1996

Name 10 great Bordeaux vintages
1982, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2003, 2005

What is the T锚te de Cuv茅e or Prestige Cuv茅e of Perrier-Jouet?
La Belle Epoque

What are the primary white grapes of Bandol?
Bourbolenc, Ugni and Clairette

Name 4 VDN of the Languedoc-Roussillon.
Banyuls Grand Cru,
Grand Roussillon,
Muscat de Frontignan,
Muscat de St. Jean de Minervois,
Muscat de Lunel,
Muscat de Miravel

Mise en bouteille au chateau (Bordeaux)
The wine was bottled at the chateau named on the bottle

Mise en bouteille au domaine (Burgundy)
The wine was bottled on the estate or domaine

Mise en bouteille dans nos caves
The wine was bottled in the cellars, usually those of the negocient who will be named

Mise en bouteille par XYZ
Wine was bottled by the company or person XYZ

What is limousin?
The type of oak in which Bordeaux barriques are made out of

The C么te-des-Blancs is a wine producing district found in?

What is Gentil and where can it be found?
Gentil is found in Alsace -blend of 2 or more grape varieties BUT must contain a minimum of 50% Riesling, Gewurz, Pinot Gris, or Muscat

What is the only AOC that allows Chardonnay in Alsace?
Cremant d'Alsace

What is the principal grape of Rose鈥 de Riceys?
Pinot Noir

Name the three sub-regions of Armagnac
Bas-Armagnac, Haut-Armagnac, Tenareze

Who fixes the price of Champagne grapes every year?
The CIVC or Comite Interprofessional du vin de Champagne

How long must a non-vintage champagne be aged (min) before release?
18 months

What is the main grape in Gigondas, and what is the max % allowed
Grenache 80%

Define Ouillage
French word meaning both ullage and topping up.

What is Maury?
Appellation in Roussillon making fortified wine from min 75% Grenache

Define Pigeage
French term for punching down the cap of grape skins and other solids.

Define Soutirage
French term for racking, or moving clear wine off its sediment and into a clean container. It can also be used for the wine serving process of decanting.

Describe the characteristics of Bourgueil.
A red wine made of Cabernet Franc with up to 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Fragrant, Medium to light body, Light tannin

What is the widely planted grape in Champagne?
Pinot Meunier

What style of wines are produced in Reuilly?
Whites - Sauvignon Blanc
Red and Rose - Pinot Noir