APPLY to Certified Exam

The Certified Sommelier Examination focus on a candidate’s ability to demonstrate proficiency in deductive tasting, wine & beverage theory, and both technical as well as salesmanship skills in table-side service.

The Certified Sommelier Examination was launched in 2006 to assist in preparing candidates for the rigors of both Advanced and Master Sommelier Examinations. Refinement of these Examinations has led to significant updates in 2017 to better assess a sommeliers readiness to undertake higher level sommelier examinations.

The title and credential of ‘Certified Sommelier’ is well recognised in the Hospitality Sector globally. Wearing the Certified Sommelier Lapel Pin ensures your employer and dining public that you have skills in salesmanship, the beverage program you may manage and wine tasting abilities that have been tested by the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas. A theoretical knowledge of the world of wine and beverages will also provide for on call knowledge when required.

Certified Sommelier Examination  $595